The Maui is the smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world living only in New Zealand’s west coast of North Island.

The main threats to Maui’s Dolphins are:

  • Fishing with trawl and gill nets – they are difficult for the dolphins to detect and they can become entangled and drown.
  • Risky mining activities and seismic surveying for oil exploration also pose a threat to these rare dolphins.

Planet factorie foundation aim is to increase the number of Maui Dolphins by generating awareness in conservation, raising the number of public sighting reports and contributing to a surfer engagement network. Science shows Maui’s can recover their numbers if protected.

Funds raised go towards:

  • 24/7 Maui hotline and online reporting – where sightings could be lodged and once validated by an independent marine mammal expert, decisions made on the protection of that area.
  • Surfer outreach program – events hosted yearly to promote communication of sightings.