We launched our Planet factorie Foundation in 2012 with the vision of empowering communities around the world. We didn’t want to just throw money at key issues, we wanted to invest in real time change; to involve our customers, our teams and our communities, to share experiences and encourage us all to think differently – we wanted to inspire with real purpose!

To do this, we’ve focused our projects in areas of most need, including local communities in countries we operate. We partner with local businesses, communities and our global teams to focus on projects across education, health, sustainability and infrastructure for people who really need it. This is all funded with your support (and actually isn’t possible without your help) - through the purchase of our Planet factorie Foundation products.

Did you know 100% of the proceeds go directly to our Foundation?

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We all know how important an education is right? Sadly, this is still a privilege for many young people around the world.

In 2012 we set ourselves a mission – to build a school in Uganda for a local community called Kyalulangira Village (it’s pronounced “char – lang – u – la”). It was a big ask and we weren’t really sure if we could do it and just how long it would take to raise the funds but we’re so proud to announce - we’ve done it with your help!

In 2016, our vision together has become a reality. Our first Planet factorie Foundation Community Project is now complete.

We’re excited to announce the opening of St Timothys School in Uganda!

With your support, it’s given us the confidence to aim higher and believe in supporting other local villages – so what’s next?


This year is going to be the biggest yet! We’ve set ourselves a new target – the building of another school in Uganda, in the village of Kensekka (pronounced “ken – sek – ka”). With a population of just 5,780, they have 364 students (195 girls and 169 boys) plus 10 teachers who require a dwelling in order to complete their education.

And it’s not just a new school we’re planning, it’s a dedicated health care program and infrastructure required to ensure there are no barriers to youth in Kensekka receiving a quality education. The exciting project includes:

  • 10 classrooms
  • 1 staff room
  • 2 administration offices
  • Bio-gas kitchen
  • Incinerator
  • Toilet block
  • Amphitheatre
  • Staff quarters
  • School furniture
  • Reading and Literacy tools
  • Fully landscaped gardens and farming area
  • 2 meals per day for every student

We’ve given ourselves a completion date of July 2017.

“Despite facing real poverty, Kensekka is one of the happiest communities. The people here are eager to improve their way of life and are excited for the new school and what this means for their children’s futures. I want to say THANK YOU for your help. Together, we will make a big difference to this community.”
- Father Nestus


100% of proceeds from every sale of Planet Factorie product go towards supporting Planet Factorie and our development projects. Thank you for your support!

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