About: Asia Typek

Polish Fashion photographer Asia Typek of Edited By – Discovered her particular knack for street style photography 5 years ago whilst studying at university. Today, Asia is kept busy being a frequent contributor to High Snobiety and flying all over the world from one Fashion Week to another. We were lucky enough to catch up with her on set when she shot the February/March 2017 factorie campaign.

Check out her interview and see her favourite photos from our shoot.

Photographer Asia Typek

Credit. Elle Magazine, Poland

Asia Q&A

Tell us about yourself Asia. Where are you from and when did you realise that you wanted to pursue photography as a career? How long have you been shooting professionally?

I started shooting street style about 5 years ago when I was still at University and with my two other friends we launched lifestyle blog. I think breakthrough came when I went to New York in 2012 and attended my first Fashion Week at that time. This was actually the moment when I realised that I am more into street photography / than shooting in the studio.

What is Street Photography to you?

It’s lifestyle. It’s not only about catching up with latest trends and attending Fashion Weeks, but it’s a way of living. I love walking around the city and looking for different styles.
When I shoot I think more about people, movement & emotions. The clothes are only complimentary to the composition.

You’ve been travelling a lot lately, what’s your favourite city to shoot in?

Every city is different and there's always something I like in each of them, but I love New York and Paris for their diversity.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work?

Travels, meeting different people / cultures.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to work in the industry as a street style photographer?

What I have noticed is that market has been flooded with so many new photographers each season, so you need to have your own style, and just work hard!

Constantly being on the move, the right shoe must be important. What are your go to runners on shoot days?

That's one of the most important things! During Fashion Week I do about 15/20 km a day! Sneakers, VANS are a must, as they are super comfortable.

What do you eat when you’re on the go?

When not travelling I try to eat pretty healthy, but when on the go I need to say I don't eat regularly. Actually there's not much time to have a sit and eat, so usually I have big breakfast. Then… nothing for a quite long time, but catching up when I get home and editing. Hopefully I can change my habits in upcoming season :)

What’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects or plans?

Just started new season, so covering menswear, RTW in Feb/March and also having some commercial projects in between.

Where can we check out the rest of your work?

Most updated is my instagram @asiatypek and I work exclusively with international titles for each season.

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