Meet Jimmy Pizza

A simple t-shirt can easily give a bold, loud statement and glimpse into our personality. Jimmy Pizza is an artist and model currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Describing himself as being a stereotypical Canadian who loves nature, large coffee’s and being very sorry. Jimmy has created a limited run of hand drawn tee’s that are exclusively available online. Drawing inspiration from 90’s nostalgia and skate culture, these tee’s will make you feel king.

“I'm a stereotypical Canadian. I love nature, large coffees and am very sorry.”

Online Exclusive Limited Edition Jimmy Pizza Tee's

Jimmy Q&A

Who is Jimmy Pizza?

I'm a stereotypical Canadian. I love nature, large coffees and am very sorry.

When did you first start drawing? How has your work progressed since then?

I remember drawing the pastors in Church rather than listening to the sermons. I would make cartoons of them with flies and question marks swirling around their heads. After Church I would present them to the pastors. They were received with mixed reviews.

Have there been any artists or designers that have become particularly influential to you?

Bill Watterson. Reading Calvin and Hobbes as a child not only inspired me creatively growing up but also still greatly influences how I look at the world today.

Can you tell us about your studio space? Are there any essential supplies you always keep around for when inspiration strikes?

My desk is quite minimal but me and my partner Chloe's entire apartment is filled inspiration. The walls are covered in our friend’s artwork and pieces from our adventures. Our bookcase is filled records and Lego sets. Our dog Tilly is always lounging in whatever room we're working in - she actually is essential, without her around it's not the same.

What does a normal day in the life look like for you?

I wake up around 7:00, go for a run in Centennial Park, get dressed while listening to records and read the news. Then I take our dog Tilly to the park, walk around the lake (two swans live there and she likes to say hi to them), and try to come up with some ideas. Then walk down to Swiss Bakers on Oxford Street to get a coffee and a strawberry muffin, do a couple hours of drawing in my studio at home and then head to Gordon's bay with Chloe and Tilly for a snorkel and get fish and chips on the way home. Maybe bike down to the basketball courts later and lose badly to the girls from work. After that the whole fam (including Tilly) will head to Crix with our friends and play rock n' roll bingo or hang out on our rooftop and watch the bats. That's a pretty perfect day!

You’re currently living in Sydney, any tips of places to go and people to see in Sydney?

Go to Hoyts Entertainment Quarter on a Wednesday night and watch a movie, you'll be the only one in the entire theatre. You can pretend like you've rented the whole place out, go to whatever cinema you want, throw stuff etc. If you want to see celebrities go to the Priceline pharmacy on Oxford Street, the guy in all the Priceline ads and info posters works there, he's really nice and helpful. I think he grew a beard so people wouldn't recognise him but it doesn't fool me.

Can you tell us about your designs for Factorie? Where did the ideas come from?

Middle school in the late 90's / early 2000's. I remember back then if you showed up wearing a crisp skate tee you felt like the king of the world. Our notebooks were always covered in a few specific hand drawn graphics that if you could master they totally proved your chops as an artist.

What makes a t-shirt design important?

It's such an accessible form of expression. Not everyone can afford to dress themselves exactly how they would like but we can all find a t-shirt that can give a bold, loud statement and a glimpse into our personality.

What are you listening to right now?

Tom Waits, Fugees, the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin

What’s next for you?

I've spent the last year writing a Children's book. The story revolves around searching for happiness. It's nearly done and I cannot wait to put it out into the world. I remember the enormous effect stories and illustrations had on me as a child and to have a chance to positively influence kids growing up, possibly facing struggles with mental health is tremendous. Keep your eyes peeled for it in the next few months!

Where can we check out the rest of your work?

Here @jimmy_pizza or here