About: Sebastien Fougere

Sebastien Fougere, with his wife Ainsley Hutchence, is one-half of kick ass creative agency Sticks and Stones. When Sebastien isn’t busy creating cutting edge fashion editorials, photo shoots or conducting ‘shitty’ interviews with underground creatives, musicians and pro skaters for SticksandStones.com he can be caught working on his new one-off clothing brand GOTHWIFe.

When we first heard of GOTHWIFe we were instantly addicted to its wearable art appeal, so we reached out to Sebastien to create some one-off Factorie denim pieces for us.

Win a Sebastien Fougere one off custom factorie denim jacket

Hey Sebastien, How are you?

Thanks for asking I'm f******g happy to be alive!

Where are you right now?

I'm at home on the Sunshine Coast enjoying a nice beer. Just finished painting 5 denim jackets for you guys & can't wait for you to see them! 

So, what are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a few things. I am working on a children's book for adults. Also doing a survival art project with my son Max. I'm creating new pieces for GOTHWIFe clothing, my one off clothing business. 

How would you describe the aesthetic of GOTHWIFe?

I want it to be wearable art. I want people to ask questions about life. I want it to be meaningful. I want it to question authority. To spread love & not hate. I guess it has a definite punk influence. It's raw & real. I hope it can inspire people to create for them selves & be themselves! 

Tell us about the GOTHWIFe x factorie pieces, where did you get inspiration?

I guess from my personal life. Tattoos & double meanings. I'm trying to paint clothing that I want to wear myself. 

What was the teenage/20-something version of Sebastien like?

I was quiet, shy & really naive. I still have the same heart I just see thru the bulls**t now. 

It takes balls to be unique, did you always have the confidence & style you have now?

No definitely not. I was once a young naive boy who got married too young & knew nothing of the world. It takes time to find your confidence & style. Small decisions every day, across years of finding out who you are. The more you question reality & society the closer you come to the truth. Find your own spiritually & never let your life be ruled by someone else! You make your own destiny. Sounds cheesy but it's f**king true! The less you care about what others think the closer your getting.  

Lastly, what is your favourite item in the factorie collection and why

I like the Boyfriend Denim jacket! It's a really great fit & unisex so your BF can wear it. I like baggy s**t on girls too!